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THE STIMULUS BILL EXPLICITLY RECOGNIZES that effective teaching must be coupled with effective leadership. States looking for guidance can find key considerations, critical questions, and accompanying links to state examples in the high-leverage areas of preparation programs, principal evaluation, teacher leadership, and tiered licensure on a new page of NASBE's leadership site, About Linking Leadership to Stimulus Funds.



Message From Superintendent Castillo

Welcome to the Oregon Department of Education’s American Reinvestment and Recovery Act website. This website contains federal requirements and state guidance on stimulus funding for Oregon school districts and education partners. This website will include specific funding information for school districts by program area and will be updated regularly so please continue to check back with us. It allows for easy access to USED guidance regarding these funds, including how they should be used, the submission of waiver requests, and the reporting requirements.


This is an historic opportunity for education. Approximately $830 million has been allocated over the next two and a half year period for education in our state. These stimulus funds are a rare opportunity to lay a new foundation for K-12 education. The Obama Administration is urging us to be innovative and sharply focused on raising the bar for all students and closing the academic achievement gap. It’s imperative that we make every effort to deliver those results for Oregon’s children thereby helping to make the case for more funding in the future. 


I know this unprecedented help from the federal government comes at a time when our state is facing a serious budget crisis but we have an opportunity, with the targeted federal funding, to strengthen our support for teachers and students.  Make no mistake—this administration expects an incredibly high level of accountability and transparency in our work. We are accountable for every cent. Please view
Taking on Education from White House on Vimeo.'>recent comments from President Obama on his expectations for how these funds should be spent.


I look forward to working with you and our federal partners.



Susan Castillo 

Oregon State Superintendent of Public Instruction